Next Event

February 19th, 2019 at 19:00

This times colscene meeting will once again be held at „Hahnheiser”. We'll be meeting in the downstairs room. That means low to no cell phone reception. So if you are running late or you have problems finding the place you might be out of luck if you try to contact any other visitor by phone. Take a look at this map in advance to find out how to get there.

Please note that „Hahnheiser” also offers excellent food.

What's happening

- A best of 2018 demoshow
- Two visitor from out of town. Both Steeler and Fendrix will be our special guests.


The colscene is a closed mailinglist for demosceners from the cologne area (including bonn, aachen and some more). Plus it's (or used to be) a monthly meeting in a location in cologne, which is sometimes called cologne scene meeting (csm). To be part of the Colscene you could join the mailinglist and get informed about events like this first hand.